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How Much Is your Home Worth?

Adirondack Country Homes Realty provides full Comparative Market Analysis (when needed), a $99 dollar value, with all properties listed.  This study is to help to gauge the value of your home in today's current market.  Remember, every home owner is the sole party(ies) responsible for establishing the final selling price.  If an agent demands that you to sell at such and such a price, walk away.  The Realtor serves as your advisory committee, so to speak; they are professionals to to help you understand the lows and highs of your property's value at today's market place.  Every home tells a story, and we'll listen to yours.

When you list with ACHR, our CMA fee is waived.  We also offer BPO's (Broker Price Opinions) which are basically quick CMA's.  A BPO service ranges from $49 dollars and up.  To our ACHR Internet visitors only, it is a free service.   BPO's help you determine if the time is right to sell.  For example, perhaps there are another four homes on the street for sale lower than you want to sell your home?  BPO's help determine the general sale's value of your property, and the all important event of timing.

Please complete the below questionnaire form and an agent will be confirming your request with you.  We are pleased to be of service to you.

Please use Upper and Lower Case when entering data.  Thank you. After your are finished, please note that this page will forward to our HQ's web site.  If you don't prefer forms, please feel free to e-mail us, or call our agents at 518.761.7900


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Residential Customer (check all that apply)_____________________________________________________

Lakefront    Lake Rights   Pond front   Riverfront   Stream Mtn. Views
<2 acres     >5 acres       >50+         River rights Other (use remark field)  

Log    Contemporary   2 Story    Ranch       Camp     Other (use remark field)

2+ bedrooms          bedroom on 1st flr.  Fireplace   Garage    Other (use remark field)
Gourmet Kitchen    Hardwood floors       Sunroom   Pool        Hot Tub


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For all commercial customers of active business, it will be necessary for our Commercial Division to call on you to best determine your

net value based on general finances.  Please do not submit any financial information over the Internet.  Thank you.  All information is

held in confidence.


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