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A young couple is ready to buy a house.  Their hopes and dreams are about to be fulfilled with their real estate agent.  Contracts are drawn and accepted.  The time comes to apply for a mortgage.  Everyone is confident as the couple have spent years building a strong credit report, paying every bill on time and taking care to keep its debt-to-income ratio in check.

The bank reaches a verdict.  Much to the coupleís surprise, an unknown individual has run up insurmountable debt in the wifeís name.  They do not qualify for the loan.  Itís a bind side.  The deal falls through and all their hard work are for naught!

Identify theft can be a heartbreaker.  

 Tips to help make it difficult to copy you____________________________________   

  • Checking credit reports at least semi-annually.  Sites like or other bureaus can be helpful to check your credit report.
  • Checking the credit reports of spouses, parents and children
  • Locking your mailbox
  • Shredding all throwaway documents
  • Securing all legal documents and account numbers, tax documents and cancelled checks.
  • Destroying pre-approved credit card offers
  • Placing mail in secure outgoing mailboxes or at the post office.
  • Calling the post office if you go more than 4 days without mail
  • Paying attention to delivery dates of all bills
  • Paying close attention to bank and credit card statements
  • Reconciling bills and statements diligently and timely
  • Paying attention to the expiration date of credit cards and looking for arrival of new cards
  • Signing all new cards immediately
  • Avoiding the use of your social security number for accounts whenever possible
  • Having bank-ordered checks delivered to the bank and not your home.


DISCLOSURE:  Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is not affiliated with any of the above businesses, nor can vouch for the quality, and is NOT responsible for the actions of the above businesses.  This is brought as a public service.



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